Do our drivers need to do a daily vehicle check?

  • These are very important.  There are a range of items that can be easily checked on a regular basis and this will ensure that potentially costly faults are picked up at an early stage, before serious damage occurs.  A responsible person must undertake a daily walk around check before a vehicle is used.

    Drivers must be aware that they are legally responsible for the vehicle whilst they are driving it and it is in their best interest to complete the vehicle check before they drive it rather than rely on another person.  It is best practice that operators should provide training for their drivers to show them what checks are required and how items should be checked.  These checks are best carried out using a form which itemises things that need to be checked with a ‘tick box’ that the person undertaking the check can tick to indicate that they have checked each item.  The form should also have a space for a signature and the date to be used by the person carrying out the checks (remember, you will need two people to check the brake lights).  This paperwork can then be kept as an accurate record of preventative maintenance carried out on the vehicle.

    An example Daily Checklist is provided in our Maintenance Schedules Advice Leaflet, this can be downloaded from the Leaflets section of our website.