How do we log in to the Members’ Area?

  • In order to have access to our member benefits such as booking onto member only events, our publications and permit application forms you will need to log in to our website. To do this, click the Members’ Area’ button at the top right of the page or under the ‘Membership’ tab, then on the screen that appears, type in your username which is the main email address that you registered with us, followed by your password as shown on your membership certificate, then click the blue ‘Log In’ button. 

    There is the option to tick the ‘Remember me on this computer until I log out’ box, this will save you having to go through the steps to log in each time you visit. 

    You can access the members’ area via 

    If you’re having difficulties logging into the Members’ Area, you can call the team on 0161 351 1475 or email