How can I apply for a certificate extension?

  • We would advise that you attend refresher training before your certificate expires. If you aren’t able to attend your refresher training before your certificate expires in certain circumstances CTA will issue a certificate extension. In most circumstances an extension will not be issued for more than a three month period and you will need to have a date pencilled in with a trainer before you apply for an extension. You can apply for an extension here and applications will be considered on a case by case basis.

    Please note that there is some confusion regarding a ‘three month grace period’, there is no grace period after a certificate expires and drivers and driver assessor trainers (DATs) will need ensure that they have either attended a refresher course before their expiry date or applied for an extension. If you do not apply for an extension before your certificate expires you may need to attend a full induction course in order to continue to hold a current MiDAS certificate.