What do permits look like and how long do they last?

  • All permits are in two parts.

    • The A4 paper permit, which should be stored safely in the office
    • The disc, which must be displayed in the windscreen of the vehicle

    For your minibus operation to be legal you must have both parts and the disc must remain readable.  If either part is missing, or if the writing on the disc fades the permit issuer should be informed and replacements obtained.  You must not overwrite any of  the information on a permit disc and you must not display photocopied discs.

    The old section 19 small bus permits issued prior to April 2009 did not have an expiry date. Under the Local Transport Act 2008, all these permits expired on 6 April 2014 and should have been replaced.

    Section 19 standard permits issued from April 2009 are valid for up to five years and must be renewed before the expiry date shown.

    Section 10b permits in Northern Ireland do not currently have an expiry date. It is possible that this arrangement may change in the future with the introduction of new legislation.