What is a section 19 Permit and do we need one?

  • There are two forms of section 19 permits, Standard and Large Bus.

    Section 19 permits are issued for use in Great Britain, these permits cannot be used to provide transport to members of the general public and organisations must ensure that they are only carrying passengers that their organisation is set up to benefit.  If your organisation is operating transport then ‘Hire or Reward’ probably exists and you will need to obtain a section 19 permit.

    Section 19 Standard permits

    A standard permit allows an organisations to operate a vehicle such as an MPV or a minibus – a vehicle with up to 16 passenger seats. The legislation which allows these two types of vehicles to be operated is different and operators are advised to read our Advice Leaflet on Operating small vehicles under s19 permits to ensure they are operating within the law.

    Section 19 Large Bus permits

    A large bus permit allows an organisation to operate a vehicle with more than 16 passenger seats.

    Where can we obtain a section 19 permit?

    Application forms for section 19 and 22 permits can be obtained from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, you can contact them by telephone on 0300 123 9000.

    Section 19 standard permits can also be issued by the CTA as we are a Designated Body, we are only allowed to issue these permits to our members.  Members can download the CTA section 19 permit application form by logging in to the Members Area of this website, log in details are shown on your Membership Certificate.

    How much do they cost?

    Section 19 standard permits cost £11.00 if you obtain them from the DVSA.

    Section 19 standard permits cost £11.00 if you obtain them from the CTA and you will need to ensure that your organisation continues to be a member as we retain the right to revoke/remove a S19 permit should your membership lapse.