• Performance Standards and CTA Quality Mark

  • What are the CTA Performance Standards?

    The Community Transport Association has put together a series of self-assessed Performance Standards which are freely available.

    The standards reflect the legal and best practice requirements that organisations should follow and help demonstrate that high standards of safety and operational management are in place. They also give CTA members a means of identifying what their organisation is excelling in and where they may need to make some improvements.

    CTA’s Performance Standards are freely available to any transport provider in the voluntary sector and can be used as a self-assessment tool. You can view them here.

    What is the CTA Quality Mark?

    Based on the CTA Performance Standards, the Quality Mark is an independently assessed certification that acts as a badge of professionalism and service for community transport providers. The first edition of the Quality Mark was launched in 2010 and has currently been awarded to 19 CTA members. The Mark provides assurances to funders and other potential partners that the organisations are well run and that funding will be used to good effect. It also serves as a mark of quality for the way that organisations work with staff, volunteers and service users.

    View the current Quality Mark approved members

    The Quality Mark is currently closed for applications.