• Performance Standards for Community Transport

  • What are the performance standards?

    At CTA, we’re serious about our responsibility in supporting members to promote high standards of practice in community transport and to deliver excellent services. We care about your success and sustainability as a community transport provider.

    Our new performance standards for community transport have been developed to help you provide transport services in a safe, legal and caring way. Your feedback to us has been that you agree with the idea of clear, sector-wide standards, and wish to be supported to work to those. These standards are available to any community transport operator. Going through the standards using our self-assessment tool will help you identify which areas you should work on.

    Our aims with these revised standards have been to:

    • create an easy-to-read guide to the basics of quality community transport operation;
    • have a good balance between operational practice and legislative compliance for members;
    • ensure they work in different contexts, for both larger and smaller operations.

    Finally, the standards will be embedded across CTA’s work so it’s clearer to you which services and what support will help with different areas of the standards.

    We hope that a wide take-up of the standards will mean that in running community transport, you know that you’re running safe, legal and caring services, it’s clear what your next steps in improving your services are, and your colleagues across the sector are doing the same thing, so community transport is always getting better for the people we serve.

    Download the performance standards here

    Keep an eye out for more information coming shortly, including tools for how to assess your organisation against the standards. In the meantime, you can take a look at a presentation given at CT ’19 about the standards  here.