Individual Practical Session

  • The exact format and timing of an Individual Practical Session will vary as it is designed to be tailored to the needs of each driver.

    The role of a Driver Assessor is to use the time to both review the driver’s online learning and support them to prepare for their driving assessment. This should generally be scheduled immediately before the MiDAS Driving Assessment.

    A suggested outline is provided below. The session must be conducted on a one-to-one basis and should last up to approximately 45 minutes. The timings are given as a guide only.

    Prompt Timings
    Introductions 5 mins
    Background questions (Driving experience & outline of passengers to be carried…) 5 mins
    Feedback from online learning (Any flagged issues, or discussion from Theory Assessment) 10 mins
    Eyesight, Licence & Insurance Checks 5 mins
    Vehicle Familiarisation (Static) (Check vehicle is roadworthy and outline driving controls) 10 mins
     “Show Me / Tell Me” Questions (A minimum of three questions) 5 mins
    Demonstration Drive (Optional, based on experience and assessment location) 5 mins

    In addition to the above, before conducting a driving assessment, a Driver Assessor may also wish to conduct a moving vehicle familiarisation, allowing the driver to become familiar with the dimensions and “feel” of the minibus.

    Generally, any moving vehicle familiarisation should be no longer than 15 minutes, as drivers requiring more time than this should be signposted to additional training and/or supervised practice before attempting a MiDAS Driving Assessment.

    Driver Assessors will be able to access a resource through their online account to use during this session which contains suggested show me, tell me, questions.