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How do I access MiDAS for my organisation?

  • If you’ve read all about the benefits of MiDAS and what the course consists of, find out here how you can access courses for your organisation!

    Step 1: Make sure you are registered with MiDAS

    MiDAS registration is free and just involves completing a short form online so that we can issue you with a registration number. As part of the registration process you will be asked to agree to the MiDAS commitment which helps us to maintain MiDAS as a respected nationally recognised programme. The registration number is unique to your organisation and helps to ensure that training records are allocated to the correct organisation.

    Register with MiDAS here

    Step 2: Choose your provider

    We recommend contacting a few different providers in your area as availability and costs can vary. Prices can vary depending on the number of people being trained, the modules required and your location. All of the details and arrangements for your course will be organised directly with your chosen provider. You can find out more about MiDAS costs, here.

    Find your local MiDAS Provider

    Step 3: Book your courses

    You can discuss your requirements with your chosen provider and book convenient appointments for your drivers to attend their Individual Practical Sessions and Driving Assessments. If you are completing the MiDAS Accessible course, you’ll also need to agree a time to bring all of your drivers together for the classroom based theory and practical skills assessment.

    Step 4: Your drivers complete the online theory course

    Once everything is organised and the driving licence entitlement of your drivers has been checked, your MiDAS provider will give everyone receiving training access to the online theory course. The theory assessment at the end of the online course must be passed before the practical sessions take place.

    Step 5: Your drivers attend their Individual Practical Session and Driving Assessment (and MiDAS Accessible training, where applicable)

    Once a driver passes their online theory assessment, the Individual Practical Session and Driving Assessment can take place.  These sessions should be completed on a 1 to 1 basis and should last up to 90 minutes per driver.

    Step 6: Certified – Safe, Legal, Comfortable

    If your drivers pass, they will be issued with a certificate which they’ll be able to access online. They’ll also continue to have access to the online system so they can revisit the content anytime and will receive notifications if there are any significant updates they should be aware of. You will be able to access a dashboard for your organisation which shows your drivers and when they will be due for a Refresher course.