• About the CTA

  • The Community Transport Association is a UK member-based charity providing leadership, training, advice, and operational support to transport related charities, community groups and social enterprises in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. We support and advocate on behalf of our members so they can deliver innovative and flexible transport solutions to achieve social change and remove transport barriers facing their communities.

    CTA promotes community transport sector excellence through training, resources, publications, advice, events, consultancy, and project support on voluntary, community, and accessible transport. We amplify the collective efforts of community transport providers in building stronger, more inclusive, and sustainable communities through transportation, across the UK.

    Our Mission, Vision & Values

    Mission: To lead a thriving community transport movement in the UK.

    Vision: A world where everyone in their communities can access transport that meets their needs.


    • Leadership: We provide leadership by acting as a unified voice for our members, representing their interests and concerns to government bodies, and offering resources and training. CTA foster collaboration, set standards of excellence, and empower our members to champion transport solutions in their local communities.
    • Integrity: We are honest and transparent in our decision-making processes, and are accountable to our members, funders, and key stakeholders. CTA is committed to upholding the standard we set for the CT sector and continue to identify ways of improving our culture, operations, and services to better support the sector.
    • Equity: We actively promote an inclusive culture of equality, diversity and respect through advocacy, education, collaboration and other initiatives aimed at ensuring that transport services are accessible and fair for all members of the community.
    • Excellence: At CTA, we are committed to maintaining high standards in our service delivery and we advocate for members to champion these standards, including performance metrics, regular maintenance of vehicles, safety protocols for drivers, passengers and road users, and compliance with regulatory frameworks. In doing so, we recognise and celebrate the transformative power of working together to co-develop transport solutions.

    Our work is underpinned by 4 pillars.

    • Membership Services: As a member-led organisation, we operate with a strong focus on engaging and involving our member organisations and individuals in our decision-making processes and activities. In addition, we identify and seize opportunities to champion our members’ vital and essential work to strengthen the community transport sector.
    • Advice & Support: We provide comprehensive advice and guidance to people and organisations delivering community transport across the UK. Our advice & support team provides up-to-date information on regulations and policies, resources and toolkits, funding support, and best practices so that our members can thrive and serve their communities effectively.
    • Policy & Research: We contribute to the formation of public policy that affects our members and the CT sector and show how better outcomes can be achieved for people and communities with accessible and inclusive transport. We play a multifaceted role in influencing policy and research that impacts our members. By actively engaging with government bodies in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, conducting research, and advocating for the interests of our members, CTA helps to shape policies and regulations that support community-focused transport services.
    • Training & Capacity Building: We manage a national programme of quality-assured education and training for the CT sector. CTA offers training, workshops and webinars to help members enhance their skills and knowledge on transport services, regulatory frameworks, safety and customer service.