• Commercial Affiliates – Compliments and complaints procedure

  • We want to hear about your experiences of working with our Commercial Affiliates. 

    Please share how the services have worked for you.  

    We’ve selected our commercial affiliates for the quality of their products and services, the value they offer to the sector and their experience of working with voluntary organisations. 

    Commercial affiliates must meet our selection criteria. We also expect them to act responsibly and follow our code of conduct. 

    If you think a supplier has broken the code of conduct, please follow the steps below to raise a complaint. 


    Step 1 – raise the complaint with the affiliate

    Our Affiliates should all have a complaint handling procedure.  If you are unsure or unable to find their complaints process, please contact us and we will signpost you to the right person.  


    Step 2 – share your feedback and experience with us

    CTA is unable to investigate in detail your complaint however we will review this in relation to the affiliate relationship CTA has with the organisation.  

     Please complete our feedback form and we will review this.