• Commercial Affiliates Selection Process

  • How we select the commercial organisations we work with

    We select our commercial affiliations based on the quality of their products and services, the value they offer to the sector, and their experience working with community transport operators or the wider voluntary sector. 

     We have different relationships with our commercial affiliates however all are selected based on the current and emerging needs of our members. We connect with those that can help our members: 

    • save time and money. 
    • become more efficient and effective. 
    • operate safely and legally. 

    We expect all our commercial affiliates to follow our code of conduct. We encourage members who have accessed the services from our Commercial Affiliates to share their feedback and experiences.  

    As we have a range of levels of affiliation we select and work with affiliates in different ways.  

    For all Affiliates we check; 

    • There is a current or future need for the organisation’s services from our members and the wider sector. 
    • They understand the community transport sector and its current and future needs. 
    • Their values align with CTA’s. 


    Our Commercial Subscribers

    These are commercial organisations which provide a service or offer which our members may find beneficial.

    Our list of commercial subscribers will be wide and varied to give members a choice in both products and services and in the organisations providing them.   

    For Commercial Subscribers we carry out the overarching checks above.  


    Our Commercial Associates

     These are commercial organisations that CTA is working in collaboration with to support and develop the community transport sector and our members.  

     Along with the overarching checks we will also: 

    • Speak with references (ideally from CTA members or the wider sector). 
    • Confirm the supplier has a suitable compliments and complaints procedure. 
    • Ensure they have or are open to creating a bespoke CTA member or community transport sector offer that is competitively priced.  

    Commercial Subscribers and Associates pay an annual affiliation fee to CTA, typically we do not have an additional commission model if members access the services of our Subscribers or Associates.  If we do this will be shared on the affiliates CTA details. 

    How we Review our Affiliations

    We continually review our commercial affiliates to make sure they’re offering appropriate and good value products or services. Our review procedure includes the following. 

    • A review of affiliates against member demand and need. 
    • Reviewing the feedback from members using affiliates services. 

    Please note: we offer no guarantees over the quality and appropriateness of any Affiliate. Every member should discuss their requirements with the Affiliate to ensure they meet their individual needs.