• Mapping Wales

Help CTA to shape the future of transport in Wales – we need your data!

It’s a really exciting time for the transport sector in Wales, and at CTA our members have helped us to shape a clear vision of what we want to achieve. This vision has underpinned all our policy and development work for several years, and we can see the impact of this in Welsh Government’s transport work, from Llwybr Newydd through to the National Transport Delivery Plan.

In Llwybr Newydd, the Welsh Government have set out their own ambitious vision for transport which puts the passenger first, offering seamless end-to-end journeys which prioritise the comfort of passengers over the profit margins of operators, tackling the climate emergency by getting people out of private cars and into sustainable shared transport. This presents a huge opportunity for CT operators who have been using this model for decades in Wales, to be supported to step up and take our rightful place as a key element of an integrated and sustainable public transport network for Wales.

At CTA we can significantly shape the emerging set of regulations, legislation, resources, and network development, and we can ensure that community transport features centrally within the new future of passenger transport services. To do this, we need your data and stories to influence the decisions being made. We are surveying our members to gather the information we need to make the difference.

We have put together a focused survey to gather baseline data on the community transport sector in Wales. You can complete the survey on SurveyMonkey, simply click this link and answer the questions. All responses will be kept confidential, and we will be pulling the data together to form a report on Mapping Wales.

If you need any help or a different way to share your data, get in touch with David Dawkins on david.dawkins@ctauk.org who will be more than happy to help.

Please can all responses be sent us by Wednesday 30th November 2023.

“We want to see sustainable funding going into public and community transport which also considers how active travel can be integrated for those able to use it. A decarbonised fleet, connected with communities who own the energy that powers the vehicles, and are run by operators who collaborate and share their learning and expertise. We want to see members of the community shape the services they use, so those services can adapt and evolve to ensure they carry on meeting the needs of local people. And we want to see recognition from across the public sector that accessible transport can be a key enabler for success.”

Accessible, inclusive and integrated transport systems are transformative, and they are key to tacking both the climate emergency and the cost of living crisis. We need your data to help us to paint this picture, and ensure we receive the funding, resources and support needed to achieve our full potential as an equal partner in the developments to come.

To develop some strong headline statistics to back up our case for resources, we’d like to ask you some questions to build a picture of the sector in Wales. The questions are around the size of your organisation, your passenger journeys, the contribution of volunteers, the vehicles you use, and the resources you have. All information is anonymised, and we will aggregate the data to get the overall figures.

We cannot do this without you, so please take the time to complete the survey or chat the questions through with a member of the team. With your help, we can take the next steps towards achieving that vision of an accessible, community-led transport system that you helped us to create.

Our Mapping Wales Survey closed November 2023, if you’d like to reach out to our Wales team you can contact them at: wales@ctauk.org