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Do you want to become a MiDAS Provider?

  • Rather than accessing MiDAS through an existing provider, you may want to be able to deliver MiDAS yourselves. This can be a good option particularly if you have a large number of people requiring training or if you struggle to find an existing provider close to you. It also allows you to deliver MiDAS to other organisations in your area. You can find out more about the steps involved with becoming a MiDAS Provider below.

    Step 1 – Understand the responsibilities of a MiDAS Provider

    In order to become a MiDAS Provider your organisation must:

    • Be passionate about passenger safety
    • Be committed to maintaining and supporting the MiDAS Standard – Safe, Legal, Comfortable
    • Have a Driver Assessor (more on how to become a Driver Assessor below)

    There’s some more practical responsibilities too – You must:

    • Have policies and procedures in place to ensure that anyone undertaking a MiDAS course with your organisation is treated equally and is not discriminated against. This includes being able to provide reasonable additional support or assistance to candidates where required
    • Ensure that any records you keep are in line with your privacy policy
    • Ensure that suitable training venues, vehicles and equipment are used
    • Ensure that there are effective processes in place to quality assure the courses being delivered by your Driver Assessor(s)
    • Ensure that appropriate insurance is in place such as employer’s liability cover and professional indemnity cover

    Sound like your organisation? The next step is to identify someone from your organisation to become a Driver Assessor.

    Step 2 – Identify a suitable candidate to train as a Driver Assessor

    One of the key requirements of becoming a MiDAS Provider is to have a Driver Assessor (DA). To become a Driver Assessor, an individual must complete Driver Assessor training.

    DA training develops the skills and knowledge required to deliver MiDAS courses for drivers. If successful, a DA certificate lasts for 2 years. It can then be renewed via a 1-day refresher course.

    DA training is an intensive course which is designed for candidates who already have significant experience as a driver trainer or assessor. There are a number of pre-requisites:

    General requirements

    • Commitment to incorporate equal opportunities strategies when delivering courses
    • Willingness to support the MiDAS approach to safety
    • Ability to assess competence against given criteria and to recognise unsafe practice
    • Ability to effectively demonstrate use of equipment
    • Experience of assessing and/or training passenger vehicle drivers
    • Knowledge of minibus legislation

    Driving experience

    • Driving licence with minibus entitlement (see our FAQs for DAs without D1 entitlement)
    • Recent minibus or large vehicle driving experience
    • It is strongly recommended that any DA holds a current MiDAS driver certificate

    Disability Awareness (for those wishing to deliver the Accessible MiDAS course)

    • Knowledge of minibus passenger safety issues for disabled people
    • Experience of providing a transport service for disabled people

    Step 3 – Find your local Training Centre for DA Training

    As part of the  MiDAS Transformation, we are redeveloping how Driver Assessor training is delivered. To keep in formed about new course information, please complete this form.