• Resource: Setting up a Volunteer Car Scheme

  • Setting up a volunteer car scheme

    CTA has worked closely with its members to develop a toolkit to help communities and organisations set up and successfully sustain a volunteer car scheme. Setting up a volunteer car scheme is something that will certainly have an important impact on your community. All over the UK, volunteer car schemes are making sure that people can get to the places they want and need to be, providing such an important life line to so many.

    The toolkit looks at: 

    • How is a volunteer car scheme set up?
    • What key decisions does a new car scheme need to make?
    • The legal, tax and insurance considerations involve in setting up a car scheme.
    • The people you need to set up a car scheme.
    • Who can be a volunteer driver and what checks need to be made?
    • What are the costs incurred with setting up and operating a volunteer car scheme?

    You an access the resource below, and find CTA’s current coronavirus guidance for car schemes here. If you have any questions, or need any more information when it comes to setting up a scheme, you can get in touch with the CTA advice team by emailing advice@ctauk.org.

    Download the toolkit here