• Our Campaigning Guide for Community Transport

Empowering Communities, One Ride at a Time

At the Community Transport Association, we believe in the transformative power of accessible and sustainable transportation. Our Campaigning Guide is designed to equip you, our members, Community Transport Operators, volunteers, and advocates with the tools and knowledge necessary to drive change and improve transportation services in your communities.

This guide is your tool for effective advocacy, offering step-by-step advice and practical resources to enhance your campaigning efforts.

You can download our CTA Campaigning Guide by clicking HERE.

What’s Inside the Guide

1. Introduction to Campaigning: Learn the basics of campaigning and understand why it’s crucial in the context of community transport. Discover how strategic campaigning can influence policy and drive significant improvements in community transport services.

2. Setting Goals: Setting clear, actionable, and achievable goals is the cornerstone of any successful campaign. Our guide provides you with the framework to establish SMART goals that lead to real change.

3. Collaboration: Find out how working together with other organisations and stakeholders can amplify your message and strengthen your campaign.

4. Crafting Effective Messages: Learn how to communicate your message clearly and persuasively to different audiences, ensuring that your campaign resonates widely and effectively.

5. Targeting the Right People: Identifying and engaging the right stakeholders is critical. Our guide outlines how to pinpoint and approach those who hold the keys to change, from local council members to national policymakers.

6. Campaign Methods: Explore various strategies and tools to propel your campaign, from public engagements and social media activism to direct advocacy and partnerships.

7. Using Evidence Effectively: Understand the importance of backing your claims with solid evidence to support your campaign objectives.

8. Legal Considerations: Stay informed about the legal aspects of campaigning to ensure that your activities align with regulatory requirements and ethical standards.

Get Involved

Download the guide today and begin your journey in campaigning for positive change for the Community Transport sector.

If you’d prefer a written version of the guide to print or for accessibility reasons, you can access that HERE.