• Climate Action in Scotland

  • Climate Action in Scotland

    We know that the Community Transport sector is committed to community-led climate action and delivering for people and planet. That’s why it’s a major priority for us too.

    The aim of our Climate Action programme is to create, deliver and lobby for advice, information, investment, resources and support to CTA members across Scotland which will help you to:

    • Decarbonise your fleets, services and operations
    • Develop and deliver new sustainability projects
    • Empower your community to take climate action

    Here’s what we’re doing – and how you can benefit and get involved:

    Act Local

    We’re delighted to publish our new report – Act Local: Community Transport, Climate Action and Scotland’s Just Transition to Net Zero. It features:

    • 7 fantastic case studies of Community Transport operators helping to reduce car use, reduce carbon emissions and deliver a Just Transition to net zero
    • New data and evidence about the sector’s climate-related commitments and challenges
    • 5 important recommendations to politicians, policymakers and funders

    You can download the report here or read our blog here.


    We’ve created new forums for CTA members on issues around climate action. We’ll nurture these new communities of interest and practice to be spaces for sharing ideas, discussing best practice, engaging with experts and learning from each other.

    They’ll be run and supported by CTA, but led by the needs of participants. They’ll also offer a chance to hear about and shape CTA’s evidence, policy and influencing work. Check out our new forums:

    Evidence, Policy & Influencing

    We need to influence Scottish Government, local government and other funders to see our sector as part of the solution to net zero. We know the potential of Community Transport to accelerate modal shift, reduce car use and reduce carbon emissions.

    But we also know the challenges of finding the right funding, the right model and the right supplier for Electric Vehicles. The £90m ‘net zero funding gap’ facing the sector, which we identified in our More Than a Minibus report, needs to be filled.

    We’re pleased that the Scottish Government have listened to our calls for more EV funding for Community Transport:

    • Plugged-In Communities Grant Fund: up to £75k to purchase or lease zero-emission cars, minibuses, LGVs, mopeds or motorcycles
    • ScotZEB2: a total of £58m for consortia, which must include smaller and non-profit operators, to purchase new zero-emission technologies and vehicles

    We’re also continuing to celebrate the great work on sustainability being done by local charities, community groups and social enterprises, from Electric Vehicles to placemaking.


    Climate action is everyone’s job, so we’ll all have to develop new knowledge and learn new skills to make informed choices, reduce our own carbon footprint and help Scotland achieve net zero.

    We all need to be carbon literate as we adapt to Electric Vehicles, find new sustainable suppliers or redesign transport services. We’ll signpost CTA members to learning and training opportunities and develop our own to help you upskill.

    Why not join us in taking advantage of FREE Climate Emergency training for charities by Keep Scotland Beautiful in partnership with the Carbon Literacy Project and SCVO? We’ve blogged here about how useful we found the training.

    We’re hosting a series of training workshops on Climate Action and Active Travel with Sustrans over the course of 2023. Sign up here.

    Briefings & Guides

    We know that many of you have lots of questions about climate action, from operating Electric Vehicles in a rural community to the jargon of Just Transition to how to comply with new regulations.

    We’ve produced new briefings and guides with practical information and analysis to help you navigate your journey to net zero:

    We’re also continuing to provide advice and support on these issues through the CTA Advice Service.


    In addition to our new forums, check out our packed events programme for opportunities for you to network with green funders, hear from climate experts, access net zero training and learn from your peers:

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