• Apply for permits

  • The Community Transport Association (CTA) is a designated permit issuing body and we are able to supply section 19 and section 10B permits to our members. If you wish to apply for a permit, please fill in the relevant online form below.

    Please note: Membership of CTA does not guarantee you will be issued a permit.  These are considered using different criteria and we must ensure you meet all of these before issuing.  

    Please note: In March 2019, the Department for Transport issued a Statutory Instrument (SI) which amends the 1985 Transport Act to make clear that a permit can only be applied for, and held by, an organisation that is exempt from the directly applicable EU regulation (EC1071/2009) setting out the PSV operator licensing requirement.

    On 1st October 2019, legislative effect was given to the ‘short distance’ exemption in Great Britain (only for England, Wales and Scotland). This has meant that CTA, as a designated body, has had to amend it’s application form for section 19 permits to take into account this new interpretation. There have been no changes to the section 10B application form.

    New Online Permit Application Forms

    In April 2024 CTA launched a new online application process, please ensure to read the relevant guidance and complete all required questions.

    CTA will process applications within 3 weeks, we do aim to issue permits within 5-10 working days, but be advised it may take 3 weeks.

    Section 19 Permits


    Download: Section 19 Standard Permit Guidance for Applicants

    Section 10B Permits


    Download: Section 10B Small Bus Permit Guidance for Applicants

    If you have any questions or would like some support completing the form, you can contact our advice service via advice@ctauk.org in the first instance. Please ensure you have read the guidance document for the relevant permit. 

    If you require a downloadable version of the applications please email permits@ctauk.org

    Please note, CTA is not able to issue section 22 permits. If you want to apply for a section 22 permit you will have to contact the office of the Traffic Commissioner. You can access their application form here or call them on 0300 123 900.