• Community Building Sessions

  • Welcome to the CTA’s Community Building Sessions!

    Running a Community Transport (CT) Organisation is rewarding, offering great chances to support communities and make an impact. But, it can be challenging, especially when seeking advice or discussing issues and opportunities.

    The Community Transport Association (CTA) is enhancing our national advice helpline and ‘Advice Drop Ins’, started during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. We’re relaunching them as Community Building Sessions.

    We believe that these sessions can be much more than just a place to get advice – they can be an opportunity for peer-to-peer support and community building for our members. We recognise that our members face unique challenges and that the support of peers who understand those challenges can be incredibly valuable.

    Our goal is to make these sessions more engaging and interactive and to foster a sense of community among all of us who are working to improve transport services in our communities.

    By relaunching these monthly sessions and emphasizing the importance of peer support, we hope to create a more welcoming and collaborative environment for all members.

    The relaunched session will happen once a month, beginning with the 19th of May 2023, and will create additional opportunities for CTA and members to;

    • Discuss specific, or general, CT problems in an open and supportive environment,  
    • Uncover emerging trends such as decarbonisation, climate actions, funding opportunities or any updates across the sector. 
    • Resolve more complex or sensitive queries from members through peer-to-peer learning.  
    • Connect with CT Operators across regional/national boundaries. 
    • Gather intelligence and ideas from CT Operators about what’s happening in the sector to feed into CTA’s policy, influencing and campaign work. 
    • Gather feedback from members on how CTA can better support their cause.

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