Is there any additional training our drivers should receive?

  • In all cases, but particularly where an additional driving test in a minibus has not been required, it is good practice to have drivers trained and assessed in minibus driving and passenger safety before they take passengers out. MiDAS – the Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme – provides a structured programme for the assessment and training of drivers. 

    If your drivers or passenger assistants are expected to operate a passenger lift on your vehicles it is a legal requirement that they receive training to do so correctly. 

    Further information can be found in the training section of CTA’s website. Under the MiDAS arrangements drivers are reassessed every four years to ensure they remain competent. A similar scheme is available for MPV drivers. 

    Reduced insurance premiums are available to CTA Member organisations that adopt the MiDAS training scheme. You can contact the dedicated CTA insurance team on or 0333 234 1146 for a full review of your insurance needs.