Am we eligable for Permit only Membership?

  • CTA introduced permit only membership in April 2024.

    To be eligible for this membership you must not provide transport as your main function, and you must have a restricted closed membership.

    A closed membership is defined as having either a time limited joining period and/or a maximum number of participants.  People should not be able to access the transport on an open basis.  Examples of closed memberships are:

    • Schools – which only serve current pupils
    • Scout groups – which have fixed joining times and limits on participants

    An example of a membership that wouldn’t be restricted or closed is

    • an organisation supporting adults with sight loss, where the only requirement is that either the adult or a family member has sight loss, and participants can join or leave at any time.

    Since this membership is newly introduced, the CTA will continuously review this definition. Your feedback on this is greatly appreciated.