Does my organisation need to register?

  • Every organisation that interacts with any of the MiDAS training schemes, needs to become MiDAS registered. MiDAS registration is free and you only need to fill out a short form online to be issued with a MiDAS registration number. As part of the MiDAS registration process the organisation agrees to sign up to the MiDAS commitment which helps us to maintain MiDAS as a respected nationally recognised programme. The registration number is unique to your organisation and should be quoted whenever you contact the CTA, on resource order forms and certificates. CTA use the unique registration number to ensure that training records are allocated to the correct organisation. If you are a trainer delivering training you must ensure that every organisation you deliver training to has their own registration number.

    Trainers are also given a unique I.D number when they are registered with us. This will be different to the organisation’s MiDAS number and is important for ordering resources and completing certificate returns.

    If you have misplaced your MiDAS membership number or your Trainer I.D. number, you can contact the CTA’s central support office on 0161 351 1475 or

    MiDAS membership is different to CTA membership. If you are an organisation delivering local transport services that fulfil a social purpose and community benefit, you can find out more about CTA membership here.