Do we need to report vehicle defects?

  • Even with regular servicing and a rigorous checking system, faults or defects will still occur from time to time.  In order to ensure that these are rectified as soon as possible, a formal defect reporting system should be established.  Every driver should have access to a vehicle defect report form or defect book (many organisations use the reverse side of the drivers log sheet or walkaround checklist). 

    When a fault or defect is identified, the form should be filled in, signed and dated.  It should then be returned to the Fleet Manager, co-ordinator or other responsible person for action.  There should be a clear process by which drivers, who have identified a defect, know whether it makes the vehicle un-roadworthye.g. clear notation on the defect report form. If a vehicle is not roadworthy due to a defect, that vehicle cannot be used until the defect is resolved. 

    Defect report forms should be monitored on a regular basis (at least weekly), to ensure when faults are reported they have been actioned promptly. 

    Any report form where a defect has been noted must be kept, along with remedial action taken and the signature of the person who resolved the defectfor 15 months.