What is a section 22 permit and do we need one?

  • What is a section 22 permit and do we need one? 

    section 22 permit, or community bus permit, is issued for use in Great Britain to allow organisations to provide transport for members of the general public through a local registered bus route.  The local registered bus route has to be registered with the Office of the Traffic Commissioner.  The operator can also request the Traffic Commissioner allows them to also operate ‘other services’; this will allow them to offer other services which are of benefit to the community without requiring an alternative permit. 

    CTA members can find detailed resources about what permit they may need, in our members’ area.

    Where can we obtain a section 22 permit? 

    Application forms for section 22 permits can be obtained from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agencyor you can contact them by telephone on 0300 123 9000.