Why do you require 3 non-related directors/trustees/committee members?

  • For not-for-profit members, CTA requires that the governance structure of not-for-profit organisations follow the VCFSE sector good practice in ensuring that there is a minimum of 3 non-related directors/trustees/committee members.  

    By ensuring this it means that organisations have;  

    • Diverse Perspectives: A minimum of three non-related individuals on a social enterprise or charity board fosters diversity of thought and experiences, enriching decision-making processes.  
    • Conflict Prevention: This practice reduces the risk of conflicts of interest, ensuring that personal or familial concerns do not compromise the organisation’s mission.  
    • Enhanced Transparency: External board members bring impartial perspectives, promoting transparency and accountability in decision-making and financial practices. This, in turn, builds trust among stakeholders and the public. 

    We do recognise there are some situations where this isn’t possible, make sure to tell us on the application form.