• CTA’s Scotland Conference – Travel Bursary

Our annual Scotland conference is traditionally held in Edinburgh, so we understand that those living some distance away face additional costs every year to take part.

This year, to help with this, we have a travel bursary scheme that will support those travelling greater distances to manage these additional costs.

We are pleased to announce we have a number of bursaries of up to £100, available on a first-come-first-served basis.

These are open to staff or volunteers from current CTA members who

  1. are travelling from more than 70 miles away from the venue, and
  2. have already purchased, or are intending to purchase, a ticket for the conference

If you wish to apply, then please fill in and submit the travel bursary application below. All sections must be completed for your application to be considered.

Before you submit your application, please click here and read our terms and conditions.

Travel Bursary Application Form