• Tackling Loneliness Videos

  • These videos are part of our journey through the Tackling loneliness project. We wanted to give the pilots an opportunity to reflect on the work they had undertaken, but also give the wider membership of CTA an insight into this work.

    We have created these short videos to highlight and illustrate the project overall and give an insight into the individual learning that each pilot has taken from their participation.

    We hope to provide context to the project through the videos and have set out the themes in the following short chapters:

    Who the Project Supported and What is Loneliness

    In this section we looked at the underlying reasoning that helped define the project, why CTA wanted to take part in the DfT fund, and how we created our approach to it. As part of the deliverables for the project, we wanted to create a guide to help Community Transport groups be more effective in reaching out and identifying lonely individuals that use their services.

    This video looks at the principles of loneliness and how it effects people, helping to shape our understanding of who experiences loneliness and how the support of our pilots has improved their beneficiaries lives.

    Learnings and Findings

    In this section we took the data that the project produced to highlight the positive impact each of the pilots had on their beneficiaries. We looked at the data that was collected by all the pilots and this helped us identify common themes and data sets. We were also able to build on this data by linking additional resources on the website page: listed here

    Our resources, like these animations, can help you build confidence in tackling loneliness. They will hopefully give you ideas on how to connect with others, build on your understanding, earn new ways to help your membership, and highlight and provide practical suggestions for supporting community transport service users.

    The results from the pilots showed how important the data collected from the TL project will be for the sector to build on and develop additional work in this area.

    Pilot Responses and Reflections

    We asked the staff involved in each of the 18 pilots to give their reflections on what they had taken from being part of the project and how they felt the beneficiaries were able to see positive outcomes by taking part in the project.

    We also heard about how this project will influence the organisations’ future activities and funded projects.

    CTA Staff Reflections

    This section took the opportunity to speak to CTA staff who oversaw and worked on the Tackling Loneliness project; from the process of applying and sifting applications, in those initial early stages, as we sought to create the foundations for the project, via data monitoring and partnership working; to the development of the pilot’s work on their projects, and how we delivered the additional support of the 121’s and training sessions.

    The staff were able to really see the benefits of the work being done by the pilots and share in that journey as the project progressed.

    In Conclusion –

    The pilots have really shown us what can be done to enhance and develop CTA’s knowledge within this area – and we are really pleased that the project gave the opportunity for both CTA and the pilot project operators, to contribute towards resources, as well as the further learning that will benefit our membership as a whole.

    It’s been a fantastic journey to be part of and whilst this project has come to an end, the legacy learning and the knowledge gained will be a huge part of the work CTA does in the future.