• Together Summer 2020 | Our Favourite Lock-Down Resources

  • This article was originally published in the Summer 2020 issue of Together, the Journal of the Community Transport Association.

    Our Favourite Lock-Down Resources

    Rachael Murphy, CTA’s Director for Scotland, looks at some useful resources she’s been accessing whilst working from home.

    Coronavirus has changed the way that so many of us work. Whatever position you’re in, whether you’ve been furloughed, you’re working from home or are a key worker out there delivering essential services, things have almost certainly changed for you over the last few months. Like the rest of the team at CTA, I’ve been working from home and whilst things have still been busy, I’ve found myself with slightly more time to think about some of the skills and strengths I’d like to build for when some sense of normality resumes.

    Together with the rest of our team, I’ve put together some resources we’ve come across that can help with personal and organisational development. They’re not all specific to coronavirus, but they have useful ideas that apply whatever’s going on.

    Webinar on Crisis Communication | Inspiring Scotland

    Whilst the webinar was created in response to coronavirus, I think it’s full of useful tools for communication in any difficult time. If something has gone wrong, getting the messaging right can keep a situation under control, affording you time and space to sort things out.


    Digital Leadership for the Non-Technical Leader | Charity Digital

    For lots of us, technology can be daunting. That said, we’ve seen throughout lock-down how crucial it can be to keep us connected, inspired and informed. I liked this video as there’s plenty of bitesize tips and ideas.


    Learn to Build Long Term Relationships with your Donors | Charity Aid Foundation

    Coronavirus or not, fundraising is always present in our minds. Whilst there’s no easy fixes, this webinar had some good ideas about the emotional link between the donor and the cause, as well as how to respect boundaries around giving.


    Information Security in the Third Sector | BrightTALK

    Unfortunately, the uncertainty and worry that came with coronavirus created opportunities for scammers and hackers. This video is a few years old, but is full of reminders of how to keep your system safe. Particularly if staff or volunteers are working at home on their own devices, it is worth sharing.


    Relax, Change, Create | ES Momentum

    So far, 2020 has been a stressful year for all of us! And whilst you might be raring to get back to the office, it’s always worth taking some time to breathe and collect yourself. This guided meditation was created for professionals and could be a refreshing way to start your week.