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    • by Debbie Blowers
      BACT Community Transport

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    We are BACT community transport, set up in 1997.  We’ve expanded over the years so that nowadays we are providing dial a ride services, a community car service and community group hire (in minibuses) throughout the Waveney area of Suffolk and also parts of South Norfolk. We are focused on providing transport for the most elderly and vulnerable members in our area.

    Our services never stop over Christmas.  This is only possible because of the wonderful caring attitude of our volunteers who are always prepared to step in and help with transport. Ensuring that when families are not available or people have none locally, we can transport our passengers to places where they can mix with others and have a good time. BACT has also organised their own Christmas party which took place on Nov 30th when staff and families got together to cook a lovely 3 course meal for 45 of our regular passengers.  We even got the local Tesco’s shop to provide free crackers and hats and the passengers loved the hats and were keen to take them home over the festive period to wear!

    We also provided a Christmas evening with a buffet and drinks for our volunteers (drivers, passenger assistants and trustees) as many of them are also on their own and they don’t tend to meet up with another much – so it was a great way for them to also have an evening to socialise.

    We also organise special outings for our passengers who would otherwise be on their own to go to a local pantomime as it is unlikely they would go by themselves, but knowing they will get a door to door service and sit with other passengers – they can join in the great spirit of the Christmas tradition of pantomimes!

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