• Briefing: The Transport Select Committee’s Bus Market Inquiry

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    • Briefing: The Transport Select Committee’s Bus Market Inquiry
    • by Suzanne Lau
      Policy Executive

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    In July 2018, the UK Parliament’s Transport Select Committee launched an inquiry into how bus services are run in England (outside London) to try and understand the reasons behind the national decline in bus use – in London, bus use per passenger has increased by 52% over the last 25 years, whereas it has fallen by 40% in other metropolitan areas. During the inquiry, the committee wanted to consider:

    • Bus service reliability
    • How services are run in metro-mayor, metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas
    • How they are financed
    • Examples of innovation and best practice.

    The CTA responded with a written submission in September, which you can view here.

    In November, the Committee held its second oral evidence session in Bristol, where it heard from a range of transport officers and decision makers from local authorities. The Committee explored a broad variety of topics, including accessibility and funding.

    The CTA have provided a breakdown of the key points of the evidence session most relevant to community transport, which you can read below:

    Read our briefing

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