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    • Can we have a chat? We have some ideas.
    • by Charlotte Pearce
      Director of External Relations

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    Can we have a chat?  We have some ideas!

    Most of us have the luxury of being able to get wherever we want; that privilege, however, doesn’t exist for so many people in our society. It is them that community transport, and the Community Transport Association, exists to help.

    All across the United Kingdom, our members spend their days providing transport to those who need it the most. They use buses, minibuses, cars and scooters to make sure that people up and down the country have access to accessible and inclusive transport. Their work enables their passengers to be vibrant and involved members of their communities, accessing services ranging from healthcare and education to recreation and employment.

    By working in collaboration with the commercial sector, the CTA will enable the voice of communities across the UK to be involved and informed in transport plans for future infrastructure and innovations.

    Our reach and profile puts us in touch with people whose lives and choices are diminished by not being able to get to the places they want or need to be. This can involve physical barriers to access and also psychological barriers, where they may not feel comfortable or confident using services if they feel their needs have not been fully understood and catered for in the design and delivery of the service. Our relationship with the transport industry means we are also well placed to support them as a long-term, trusted partner in engaging effectively with people who most likely face barriers to access.

    The Community Transport Association is a national charity working with thousands of other charities and community groups across the UK that all provide local transport services that fulfil a social purpose and common benefit.

    We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how we can co-create projects of engagement around these themes:

    • Contributing to public policy and service development where community-led transport solutions can improve access and inclusion.
    • Gathering and sharing data on the practice, performance and impact of community transport.
    • Creating opportunities for our members and supporters to come together, exchange ideas and be inspired.

    We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you to see if we could work more closely together in the future and design projects which could enable your organisation to look at how it engages and works with the communities it ultimately provides transport for.

    We would like to collaborate with you, to share, innovate and involve all of society so that we can say with confidence we are putting the passenger at the heart of the journey.

    For a discussion about how we can work together contact Charlotte on Charlotte@ctauk.org

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