• Chancellor Fails to Include AMAP in Newly Announced Spring Budget

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    • Chancellor Fails to Include AMAP in Newly Announced Spring Budget

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    CTA and the AMAP coalition are extremely disappointed that the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt MP, has failed to take the opportunity of today’s Spring Budget to announce a long-awaited review of the Approved Mileage Allowance Payment (AMAP). Today is a dark day for volunteering and volunteers across the UK.

    The AMAP rate has remained at 45p per mile since 2012 and has served as a bureaucratic barrier to fair and full reimbursement of expenses. With motoring costs up by nearly 40% and the cost-of-living crisis hitting hard, millions of employees and volunteers up and down the country will continue to be short-changed by a system which does not reflect travel costs in 2023.

    The recruitment and retention of volunteers will continue to deteriorate due to the Chancellor’s decision today and the knock-on impact will be devastating for our economy and our society.

    Community Transport operators may be left with no option but to withdraw essential services, including non-emergency patient transport and accessible transport for older and disabled people. The NHS will face more missed appointments, longer waiting times and worsening discharge delays.

    Community Transport provides lifeline services for urban, rural and island communities in every corner of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Hundreds of thousands of people rely on dedicated staff and volunteers at local charities, community groups and social enterprises to help them access amenities, education, employment and healthcare.

    For many older or disabled people, as well as residents of more remote places, Community Transport is often the only accessible or affordable transport option where they live. It is essential for tackling exclusion, isolation and loneliness, as well as climate change, inequality and poverty.

    We urge the Chancellor to re-think and deliver an increase. It is not too late. There is still time to protect the NHS, defend Community Transport and help millions of volunteers to continue to do what they love.

    Click to learn more about the call for a fair deal for volunteers.

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