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    • Community Transport Christmas – Grimsby and Cleethorpes Dial-a-RIde

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    Earlier this week, we asked our members to send in their community transport Christmas stories. Community transport operators do incredible work all year round including during the Christmas period. They help those who may otherwise be alone to have a Christmas where they are connected to their loved ones and their communities. 

    Midge from Grimsby and Cleethorpes Dial-a-Ride shared the following story: 

    “In October last year, we were approached by a local group ‘Not Home Alone at Christmas’ to assist with transport for a Christmas Day meal for people who would otherwise have been alone for Christmas. They had managed to get everything, from the venue to food, drink and gifts, donated by local companies and looked to us to help with their transport.

    This all came about because the husband of the organiser had been driving to visit his wife in the hospital when an elderly lady walked out in front of his car. Thankfully he stopped before anything bad happened, but naturally he got out of the car to make sure she was ok. The lady was in floods of tears and told him that she wanted to die because she couldn’t face the prospect of yet another Christmas on her own. After taking the lady home and making sure she would be ok, the gentleman visited his wife and told her what had happened. Her reaction was: ‘We have to do something about this!’

    Not Home Alone was born, and last Christmas six of our buses were used to collect lonely people from all over North East Lincolnshire for a slap up meal at the Walford Windmill, choirs singing carols and a lovely gift bag to take home.

    This year we are doing it all over again! Six of our buses driven by a mixture of volunteers will be ensuring that being alone at Christmas is not an option in North East Lincolshire.

    Now that’ll warm the cockles of your little heart, won’t it!”

    Thank you to Midge and everyone involved in Grimbsly and Cleethorps Dial-a-Ride and Not Home Alone for this story of how they’re helping their community at Christmas. If you have your own story, let us know with #communitytransportchristmas or by emailing tom@ctauk.org 

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