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    Community transport works across the Christmas period, even on Christmas day, to provide those who would otherwise be alone with access to family, friendship, company and independence over the holidays. This December, we’re going to be sharing the stories of our members who go above and beyond at Christmas. 

    Keep checking back on our main Community Transport Christmas page for all our stories so far.

    Emma Mullan, North Coast Community Transport

    At this time of year, where it is most often taken for granted that everyone has a family to spend time with or that each household has the money to prepare a delicious Christmas dinner, one of our group members The Causeway Coast Vinyard understand that this is not always the case.  This group provides a place for free dinners to be distributed to anyone needing one regardless of their religion, age, sex or race and we at North Coast Community Transport assist in their generosity by providing the free minibus transport to bring these individuals to this venue.  We appreciate the kind and selfless deed they offer at Christmas and enjoy rewarding that in whichever way possible.

    I would also like to tell you a story about two members belonging to North Coast Community Transport whom I have most recently learned spend not only Christmas, but their whole year round working tirelessly to prepare backpacks for the children in Malawi and various deprived areas of the world.  These backpacks could be the only gift these children receive and contain basic learning tools such as a pencil, notebook and also other basic need items such as spoon and soap.  These ladies spend hours of their day, dedicating their time to help the most needy in our world and we are very proud to be associated with them.

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