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    • Bridge Accessible Transport | Community Transport Christmas
    • by Paula Martin
      Transport Manager, Bridge Accessible Transport

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    Bridge Accessible Transport provides an on call, demand led, guided door to door transport service in the Derry City area. We provide opportunities for people to travel and participate in the social, cultural, business and civic life of the community.

    Over the Christmas period, we run a number of different services to help make sure that people don’t have to spend the holiday alone. We run group transport services to visit the city and go on a Christmas light tour, as well as taking them to see the Christmas tree and attend the Christmas pantomime! We take people to Sunday church services over the Christmas period as well as running our usual door to door services to make sure our passengers can get to their family and friends for Christmas.

    We also provide a long-term hiring service for our shop mobility scooters over Christmas, enabling members to keep equipment at home over the festive period as well as a wheelchair loan service to support families who want to support disabled family members over the holidays.

    Our door to door services operate for 29 out of 31 days in December and 30 out of 31 day in January, but, for the time we’re not running, we’re happy to arrange for members to take accessible taxis at a subsided rate during so they can still get around!

    We also run a Christmas party, catering in 2018 for over 200 people, providing a free transport service for all, free hire of mobility scooters and wheelchairs for nursing home residents, served a buffet tea, hired a DJ to play music and gave each attendee a Christmas gift! It’s a very popular event and very well attended! A big thank you to Foyleside Shopping Centre, we couldn’t hold such a large event without their help! We’re also supported by volunteers from the local Church group, member users, family members, our drivers who, having already worked all day, come back out at night and provide the transport to and from the event!

    “I cannot thank Bridge enough for what they do for us,” said one person. “They help to ensure that our client’s day care is person centred by providing the transport they need to access the activities in their communities.”

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