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    • #CommunitySolutions: Introducing our CT Manifesto for the UK

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    CTA’s Manifesto, A Better Future for Transport: National Challenges, Community Solutions, has officially launched our UK-wide campaign for positive change ahead of the next UK General Election. 

    Since 1986, CTA has supported local charities, community groups and social enterprises throughout the UK. Whatever the size of organisation, CTA provide advice to the Community Transport sector to access permits and funding, find vehicles, recruit and train staff and volunteers, learn from best practice and expert advice. Through our local forums and Community Building Sessions, we continue to reach and bring together people and communities from our most remote islands to our biggest cities. 


    Looking Forward  

    Building on these strong foundations, and with polling day on the horizon, we’re looking forward and working to secure a sustainable future for Community Transport in every part of the UK. 

    Our Manifesto has the ambitions, ideas and voices of our valued members at its heart. It’s centred on five key priorities based on the national challenges facing the UK and the community solutions which Community Transport operators can deliver and which we identified in collaboration with you. 

    Our Manifesto calls for a new and dynamic partnership between the next UK Government, CTA and the Community Transport sector to reverse a shrinking bus network; respond to an ageing population; protect the future of the NHS and social care; tackle climate change; reduce poverty and inequality; and level up the nations and regions of the UK. 


    Community Solutions  

    It features wonderful testimonials from our members in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. They make a powerful case for grassroots community solutions, calling on our future MPs to modernise regulations; invest in non-emergency patient transport; deliver fair funding; accelerate community-led climate action; and promote volunteering for all. 


    Better Together  

    We need your help to make Community Transport an issue in this election and to ensure our sector is listened to and respected by the next UK Government. Whether it’s posting your support on social media, emailing your local candidates, or talking to local press, your participation is invaluable. 

    To spread the word, tag us at CTA in your posts and use the hashtag #CommunitySolutions. To find out more and access resources, go to www.ctauk.org/manifesto2024. To talk to us about collaboration, send an email to policy@ctauk.org. 

    Click here to read our Manifesto in full and access resources to help spread the word. 

    Together, let’s campaign for #CommunitySolutions and drive positive change for the Community Transport sector. Thank you for support! 

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