Do we need to carry out Driver Licence Checks?

  • It is important in all cases that a driver’s licence is checked by a knowledgeable person at least every six months to ensure they still comply with the legal, insurance and organisational requirements.  It is important that all drivers understand that they are required to inform the operator if anything changes, such as any medical conditions, new endorsements (penalty points, e.g. for speeding), or are disqualified from driving. 

    Operators should be aware that driving licence counterparts (also known as the paper license) are no longer issued. In order to correctly check a drivers driving entitlement, they need to ask the driver for a ‘check code’ which the driver can request using this link. Once the driver has provided the operator with this ‘check code’ operators can then use the service provided on the website to see the DVLA records for that driver. 

    Drivers can go online, using the service provided on the website to check the details that the Driver and Vehicle Licence Agency holds on them.  They can also use this link to obtain a ‘check code’ that they can give to their employer or organisation they are volunteering for to enable them to check the drivers driving entitlements. 

    CTA members can access more information and resources on driver licencing in the members’ area of our website.