Can drivers over 70 still drive our minibus?

  • In Great Britain 

    In Great Britain when drivers reach 70 years old, they will only be able to continue to drive a minibus operated under a section 19 or 22 permit if they pass a medical to PCV standards.  Drivers will have to complete the D2 form (Application for Lorry, Bus or Minibus driving licence) and also get their doctor to complete a D4 (Medical Examination Report) Check with your GP for the cost of this. Both the D2 and D4 then have to be sent to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to enable them to renew the driving licence.  Certain health conditions will mean that an application has to be approved by a medical panel and in certain circumstances a licence will not be issued which enables the driver to drive minibuses.   

    There is no renewal fee to DVLA at this point; however, if the driver seeks to regain D1 after it has been lost, the DVLA will charge a fee of £6.00. 

    The above process will have to be repeated every 3 years in order for a driver to continue driving minibuses under Permits.  The driver’s license will show the code D1 79 (NFHR) following this renewal. 

    In Northern Ireland 

    In NI when drivers reach 70 years old they will only be able to continue to drive a minibus operated under a section 10B permit if they renew their entitlement with the Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA).  The driver will need to complete a DL1R form and return it to the DVA along with their photocard driving licence and counterpart; and include a new passport type certified photograph which must be signed and dated on the back by either an MP (member of parliament), Justice of the Peace, minister of religion or a professionally qualified person (eg: engineer, lawyer, teacher, shop-keeper, librarian, local business person, local councillor, bank official, established civil servant, police officer or someone of similar standing) who has known them for at least two years and must not be related to them.  They will have to send original identity documentation only if their name has changed since their last licence was issued. 

    Drivers under 70 years old with a medically restricted licence may take the medical, as for drivers at age 70 or over. It is possible for these drivers to continue to drive a minibus without the D1 entitlement as long as they are able to meet all of the conditions which apply to new drivers. It should be noted, however, that people with certain conditions (e.g. insulin-controlled diabetes) will not be able to pass the medical. 

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