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    • by James Coe
      Policy and Public Affairs Executive

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    Over the last few weeks you may have seen our thoughts on the Bus Services Bill, whether that was through our twitter feed, in the media, or on our blog. In the next couple of weeks the Bus Services Bill will be debated in the House of Commons, and we want to give all CTA members the opportunity to shape the debate and have access to the appropriate tools to do this.Although the Bill largely relates exclusively to England, we feel this could be of interest to all our members across the UK and want to ensure you are all able to be part of the conversation.

    At the bottom of this blog you will find CTA’s briefing to MPs on the Bus Services Bill. In this we outline the powers contained in the Bill, how the debate on the Bill progressed in the House of Lords, and how we think the Bill can be enhanced to put inclusive and accessible transport at its heart.

    As a CTA Member you can use this Bill as a tool to start discussions with your MP on how you think the Bill could benefit people in your local community. Community transport is largely unaffected by many of the measures in the Bill, but the people who use community transport services will be impacted by new quality agreements between bus operators and local authorities, new open data arrangements, and the possibility of universal franchising powers.

    If you are not already in regular contact with your local MP you can find their details here:


    Send them an email, give them a call, and start the conversation on how your bus network can be shaped, using the specialist knowledge you have of serving people in your community every day.

    If you want to discuss this further you can email me at, James@ctauk.org
    Keep us up to date with your conversations with your MP by emailing us at the above email, or tweeting us at @CTAUK1You can find our briefing on the Bus Services Bill here:

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