• CTA expresses deep concern in the aftermath of the devastating fire at Dawlish Community Transport

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    • CTA expresses deep concern in the aftermath of the devastating fire at Dawlish Community Transport

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    The CTA is saddened by the dreadful news of the fire incident at Dawlish Community Transport, which resulted in substantial damage to their vehicles, thankfully no one was hurt.

    Dawlish CT has been a pillar of support and a vital service provider within Dawlish for many years. The organisation plays an essential role in connecting people, fostering inclusivity, and ensuring that vulnerable members of society have access to transport options which meet their needs.

    Dr Victoria Armstrong, CTA’s Chief Executive stated that “the significance of community transport cannot be overstated. CT plays a crucial role in ensuring that everyone has access to essential services and opportunities, particularly those who face barriers to transportation. This unfortunate event has undoubtedly affected the lives of many individuals and communities who rely on the CT’s services.”

    Despite the devastating circumstances, individuals, businesses, and organisations have shown Dawlish CT tremendous support during this challenging period of recovery and rebuilding. Their actions exemplify the true spirit of community support and emphasise the critical role community transport plays in the lives of residents.

    CTA is communicating with Dawlish Community Transport to understand their specific needs and identify how we can best support them during this time.

    Devon and Cornwall Police are investigating the cause of the fire and appealing to anyone with information to come forward. A GoFundMe has been set up for anyone who wants to support Dawlish CT and help restore the vital services it provides to the people who rely on it.

    Again, we express our deepest sympathy to all those affected, including the dedicated staff and volunteers who have tirelessly worked to provide transportation services to those in need.

    For media enquiries:

    Kevwe Oghide,

    Marketing & Communications Manager


    To connect with our advice team,

    Please email advice@ctauk.org

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    • Christopher Gowers - OxSwift Transport Association, Oxfordshire

      13:03 7th August 2023

      How can we help? We have a minibus that might be available.

      Christopher Gowers OxSwift Transport Association Holder of S19 Permits through OXNAV.

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