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    • CTA Members’ Meeting – Recap
    • by Bill Freeman
      Chief Executive

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    From September to November we held a series of five events for members in different locations around the UK to discuss issues and concerns arising from the Department for Transport’s letter of 31 July 2017 on operator and driver licensing. We met nearly two hundred people from member organisations, in addition to all the other forums and meetings we’ve attended that others have organised.

    As the events took place over a six week period there were different things happening which altered the content and support materials, such as the launch of the UK Parliament Transport Select Committee inquiry. We have therefore publishing a summary of the slides that represents the position we’d got to by the end of the programme. Please note that many of the slides are us simply reporting information from the DFT and these are not the view of CTA itself, although we do offer some analysis ourselves as well. The slides can be found here.

    We already had an in-depth understanding of the main questions and concerns of members from when the letter first landed, but by gathering together we were able to test some of these further and see where some of the tensions lie in representing the various viewpoints amongst our diverse membership in all its shapes and sizes. The events also enabled us to develop some ideas further for how the sector should approach the forthcoming consultation, which we got to trial in the Transport Select Committee Inquiry.

    Finally, the events gave CTA the opportunity to explain directly what we had been doing in an unmediated way. This helped members get a better understanding of why things were being done in certain way and what we hoped to achieve by that.

    This series of events was a worthwhile experience and another important opportunity to remind ourselves and each other that we are care about the same things and want to work together to make sure we continue to have a thriving CT sector in this country.

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