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    • Your sessions for this year’s CTA Roadshow
    • by Tom Jeffery
      Marketing and Communications Executive

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    Recently we announced the dates and locations for 2018’s Roadshow in England – a series of events that aim to inform, involve and inspire our members through practical and engaging workshops and discussions on running your transport. This year’s roadshow events are taking place in:

    Manchester    2nd October           Cambridge    4th October

    Birmingham   8th October            Exeter             9th October

    The events are free for people from CTA member organisations but you and your team will still need to book in advance online if you want to attend. You can book online by clicking here.

    What will we be talking about?

    Following feedback from our 2017 membership survey we’re going to be running more sessions than previous years, with the chance for you to choose the sessions that suit your needs the most.  We’ll have some group sessions that will be for everyone as well as running a number of breakout sessions that you can chose between.

    These sessions will be:

    Morning Group Session

    This session will be for everyone.

    • Department for Transport Consultation – Latest News

    In July 2018, the Department for Transport released their interim summary of responses to their consultation which, as expected, was a summary of responses rather than any new statement of policy or publishing of new guidance. In the summary, the Department said that they plan to “undertake further work in order to determine the final approach to be taken to the guidance and draft regulations” with a view to announcing the Government’s response to the consultation “in the autumn.”  We don’t know when precisely ‘in the autumn’ will be, or whether there will be any new developments before these events, but we’ll be putting some time aside to discuss where the issue is up to and what has happened so far.

    Morning Breakout Sessions

    For your first breakout session, you can chose between these two sessions, which will be running concurrently.

    • Option 1: Good to Go – Maintaining Your Vehicle

    This session will provide participants with easy to understand training on the different elements of vehicle maintenance. Real life examples of good practice will be shared and participants will leave the session with the knowledge and tools required to always get it right when maintaining their vehicle. Divided up into four manageable areas covering the different elements of vehicle maintenance, each area will include legal and best practice tips on how to implement excellent vehicle maintenance procedures.

    • Option 2: Demonstrating Your Impact

    In today’s climate, it’s especially important to be able to effectively make the case for community transport. Drawing on examples from across the sector, this session looks at ways in which our members can measure their impact and the benefits that can bring. A frequent adage when discussing measuring impact is ‘no stories without numbers and no numbers without stories’ so this session will look at ways in which our members can demonstrate both their social and their economic impact.

    Afternoon Breakout Sessions

    For your second breakout session, you can chose between these two sessions, which will be running concurrently.

    • Option 1: Good to Go – Planning for the Unexpected

    This session will allow participants to share good practice and examples of times that they have been presented with the unexpected, what they did right and what they learned. CTA will share top tips as well as the tools required to always get it right, ensuring your vehicle and service is good to go even when the unexpected happens. As well as examples raised by participants, this session will look at: adverse weather conditions, break downs, vehicle collisions, and passengers being taken ill.

    • Option 2: Making your voice heard

    This session explores ways in which members can best make their voices heard and promote their organisation. Looking at using social media, talking to the press, identifying organisations who care about the same things as you, and talking to influential people and organisations, this session will provide a basis for discussion on how members can demonstrate their impact, and leverage awareness of their organisations.

    Afternoon Group Session

    This session will be for everyone.

    • Tackling loneliness and isolation: innovative and interesting ideas

    In this session you’ll hear from a local organisation who are doing interesting and innovative work in tackling loneliness and isolation as well as getting the chance to share your thoughts and experiences on how our society can do more and do better to reduce loneliness. Each event will feature a presentation from a different organisation to be confirmed shortly.

    Book your place, and chose your sessions!

    To book your place go to www.ctauk.org/events, choose the event you want to attend and then fill in your details. After you’ve booked we’ll send you a link where you can choose the breakout sessions you want to take part in. If you have any questions in the meantime please email bookings@ctauk.org.

    Book now

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    • Community Voluntary Action Ledbury and District

      08:29 28th September 2018

      Please can I book Tim Barnes in for session 2 in both AM and PM. Also i could not find any details about timings for the Birmingham event.

    • Sue Wonnacott

      09:31 20th August 2018

      I have booked already but not been asked about which sessions I would like. Please can you put me down for Option 2 for the morning and afternoon. Thank you.

      • Tom Jeffrey

         replying to Sue Wonnacott
        08:50 3rd September 2018

        Hi Sue – sorry about that! I’ve put you down for those sessions. Best wishes, Tom.

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