• CTA signs up to Scotland’s Climate Charter

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    • CTA signs up to Scotland’s Climate Charter
    • by David Kelly
      Director for Scotland

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    CTA has joined dozens of climate leaders in signing up to Scotland’s Climate Assembly ‘Civic Charter’, kicking off a new year of climate action by the Community Transport sector to reduce transport emissions and build more sustainable communities.

    Scotland’s Climate Assembly was established in April 2020 on the model of a ‘citizens’ assembly’, bringing together a randomly selected group of people representative of the wider population to learn about, discuss and deliberate on a difficult issue and reach conclusions about what they think should happen.

    After engaging with a wide range of experts and stakeholders, it agreed a swathe of recommendations last June. The Scottish Government’s response in December 2021 committed to take forward a number of its proposals.

    As the process gradually comes to a close – at least for now – with the Climate Assembly meeting again in February and reporting again sometime this Spring, it’s important that momentum continues to build behind its call for action to influence the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament in 2022.

    That’s why CTA is now a signatory to the Climate Assembly’s Civic Charter, joining dozens of businesses, campaigns, individuals and organisations from across the private, public and third sectors from across Scotland.

    The Civic Charter states that ‘the climate emergency affects all of us and requires immediate action from government, industry, NGOs, CSOs and communities across Scottish society’. Signatories express their support for the Climate Assembly’s ‘innovative and ambitious’ recommendations and call for this to be matched by ‘political will’.

    Recommendation 27 is the most important for our sector. It called for public transport to be ‘cheaper or free’ and for government subsidies to be focused into ‘nationalised public/private partnerships or not for profit public transport providers’, including Community Transport operators. It’s really encouraging that the Climate Assembly recognised the value of our sector and the need for affordability for passengers and secure funding for operators.

    Through our support for Scotland’s Climate Assembly, CTA is joining this call for action to invest in the Community Transport sector to help Scotland get to net zero, and highlighting our members’ commitment to sustainability.

    Achieving Scotland’s target of net zero carbon emissions by 2045 will require a radical and rapid modal shift from private car use towards active travel and community, public or shared transport. Targeting resources at Community Transport can support people to change their behaviour and deliver a just transition for all.

    By adding our names to the Civic Charter’s impressive list of signatories at the start of 2022, we are also making clear that sustainability is a major priority for CTA’s team in Scotland and will shape our membership and policy work in the year ahead. We are already ramping up our engagement with key policymakers and will be discussing the transition to Electric Vehicles (EVs) at upcoming events for our members.

    We often hear great stories from CTA members in Scotland about the action they are taking to reduce their carbon emissions and build more sustainable communities. Scottish Power Energy Network’s Green Economy Fund has helped Community Transport Glasgow to transition to an EV fleet of 7 low floor minibuses, 4 standard minibuses, 2 people carriers, 1 van and 1 car, helping to reduce their carbon emissions by an amazing 188 tonnes over 18 months. Meanwhile, Mull and Iona Community Trust have purchased a new electric minibus through the Plugged-In Communities Grant Fund, which is now serving a very different rural community on the islands.

    What are you doing to become more sustainable? Do you need any advice, funding or support from CTA, government or others? Let me know via david.kelly@ctauk.org.

    You can find out more about Scotland’s Climate Assembly here or read the Scottish Government’s response to its recommendations here.

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