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    • CTA Westminster Conference – This Year’s Sessions
    • by Tom Jeffery
      Marketing and Communications Executive

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    Registration is open for November’s Westminster Conference and we’re excited to announce this year’s sessions!

    We’ve just finished our 2017 England Roadshow, an opportunity for members to come together, exchange ideas and be inspired, as well as a space to look at many of the practical day to day issues that affect community transport providers across the UK.

    Our Westminster Conference, along with our regional conferences in the autumn, are also going to be excellent forums for members to meet, network and share ideas. But they’ll also look more to the future, focusing on the sort of issues where our sector’s voice needs to be heard and hearing from organisations who want to work with community transport.

    People are already booked on to the conference, don’t miss your opportunity to attend!

    Sessions for 2017 include:

    Partnerships for passengers

    This session is an opportunity to hear from national charities and other agencies working with groups of service users who want to build alliances with CTA members to make transport more accessible and inclusive for their clients.

    Mainstreaming demand responsive transport

    CTA and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers are leading a research piece to examine how technology will drive major breakthroughs in demand responsive transport – a core business for community transport. This session will launch the project’s report and consider how community-led solutions will feature in growing this part of the passenger transport market.

    Integrated health transport

    A collaborative approach to commissioning and provision presents us with an opportunity to do more, and do better, for people needing help in and out of hospital and other settings. How can we work together to make it happen?

    Could you be our next conference speaker?

    We’ve also opened a competition to CTA members to be a guest speaker at three separate slots during the conference. We want three members to speak for 10 minutes each, sharing their knowledge, ideas and innovations on improving the accessibility and inclusivity of transport.

    To find out more about this session, and to apply, click here.

    We’re excited about the opportunity that this conference gives us to bring together our members and others across government, charities, and the wider transport and infrastructure sectors all of whom want to work constructively with community transport to make our communities more accessible and inclusive for all.

    Book your place now!

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