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    The Department for Transport (DfT) have launched a call for evidence that seeks views on potential opportunities to improve our driving licensing regime. They wish to explore whether there are any further opportunities that could be available to them that are partly due to the fact that we had left the European Union and had the freedom to change our legislation to improve our testing and licensing regime. These include whether to grant drivers who have category B car licence entitlement additional entitlement to category C1 (7.5 tonnes) goods vehicle entitlement and whether to grant drivers who have a category B licence entitlement to a minibus category D1 licence.

    CTA are asking all members and the wider Community Transport sector to complete this and share their views.  This will directly impact organisations where drivers (volunteers or staff) are currently required to hold a category D1 licence to drive your mini bus. 

    CTA have been discussing this issue with DfT for some time and are pleased that we have this opportunity to gather the evidence and impact that any changes would have for the Community Transport sector.   Our Director for England has fed into the development of this call and we will be hosting an event with DfT in August to enable an opportunity for members to share their views directly with policy makers.

    While CTA will be submitting a response we ask that each member submits their evidence directly to DfT. 

    This link contains the full call for evidence information

    To respond online – complete the call for evidence here – you can also download the full list of Qs

    The call for evidence period will begin on 5 August 2022 and will run until 28 October 2022. Please ensure that your response reaches them before the closing date.

    If you operate under a Section 19 or 22 Permit when you complete this form your views will be anonymised and shared with us at CTA

    On Thursday 8th September CTA and DfT held an event to share details on the call for evidence.

    Please find a copy of the D1 call for evidence Presentation from the meeting

    The recording of the meeting will be available soon

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    • Richard Faunt

      13:37 16th August 2022

      The current anomalous situation, where different rules apply depending on the date a driving test was passed, create confusion and need to be rationalised. Add to this the recent changes applied to B licence holders ability to tow larger trailers/caravans (up to 7,000kg train weight) and it seems ridiculous to restrict minibus driving to 3,500kg. We need to rationalise the position by increasing the minibus weight limit by a similar amount.

    • David Muggeridge

      11:39 15th August 2022

      DFT survey completed

    • Marian Gilpin

      07:32 11th August 2022

      We currently have difficulty recruiting paid drivers as all of our D1 drivers are over 49 and so unless people do the PCV test they cannot undertake paid work. It would help our staffing problems if C1 drivers could drive minibuses, and even better if B category people could drive minibuses. Younger people being able to undertake paid work would help us to recruit more bank drivers as they also may be more likely to have more than one job. Category B drivers would be given additional training (MIDAS) and would be just as capable/efficient/safe and those with a ‘grandfather’ licence. Committee member Green Community Travel,

    • David Miles

      20:25 10th August 2022

      Time to break free from the chains holding everyone back. Red tape has been strangling the sector for too long.

    • Paul Whelan

      17:02 10th August 2022

      I help run a volunteer bus service once a week to the local town for the elderly residents of my village. There is not a public transport option available ( Freeland to Witney, Oxon).
      We need as many volunteer drivers as possible, we are always struggling to get them. Many are unable to help as they are younger and only have Cat B licences. Soon we will run out of drivers if this continues to be a D1 requirement that is not available for Cat B holders.

    • Stuart Hardie

      08:21 10th August 2022

      We are a small Community Bus operator, and we rely on persons with D1 on their licence. We are facing a future when when Cat B drivers lose the automatic right to drive a mini bus, and would face the expense of training all new volunteer drivers. We are in favour of the proposed change, particularly as we are committed to undertake MIDAS training for all our drivers.

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