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    • Introducing the new CTA Website
    • by Tom Jeffery
      Marketing and Communications Executive

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    If you’ve visited ctauk.org before, you’ll notice that its looking a little different to how it’s looked in the past. That’s because over the last year, we’ve been creating a new website to improve your experience of engaging with us online and to provide an easier way to access the services and resources we have to offer.

    The new CTA website is cleaner, easier and more intuitive to use and still holds all the information you need as a member as well as providing you with some exciting new resources and features. Membership of CTA is, of course, more than just being able to use our website but we also know that having a strong online presence can create a better and easier way for you to enjoy the benefits of your membership.

    Key features include

    New and updated advice resources

    With the new website it’s easier than ever to access comprehensive advice and support for organisations operating community transport. Frequently Asked Questions can now be filtered by country and topic, and CTA members can access a new and updated set of member-only advice resources looking at various aspects of operating safe and legal community transport.

    A new and improved members’ area

    It’s now easier than ever for our members to find the information and resources they want. The new CTA members’ area helps you easily access the new advice resources, back issues of Together, apply for permits and much more. You can now also add additional users to your account, so more people from your organisation can access CTA’s member-only resources.

    Find your local CT Provider

    Previously part of CT Online, the ‘Find your local CT Provider’ database is now on the main CTA website and the new site makes it easier for members to create and update their organisation’s public profile. Just login into the CTA members’ area, click ‘Edit your find my local provider profile’ and fill in your details. It’s a great way for members of the public to be able to find out more about who you are, where you operate and how you can help.

    Update your contact details and renew your membership

    On the new members’ area, you can now quickly let us know of any changes to your contact details or communication preferences with a handy online form. Members will also be able to easily renew their membership online.

    A new section on driver training and an online store for ordering training materials

    It’s now simpler and easier to find the information you want on the Driver Training section of the site. We also have a new training resources store where you can order and pay for your training resources online. You can find the store here.

    The best way to find out more about the new website, however, is to have look around! We’re excited to share it with you and if you have any questions you can get in touch by emailing tom@ctauk.org. We also know that with any new site, there may be a few teething problems, so if you spot anything that doesn’t quite look right just let us know!

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