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    • Opportunity to join the CTA’s Policy Committee
    • by Peter Hardy
      CTA Trustee and Chair of the Policy Committee

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    Would you like to shape the future for community transport as part of CTA’s policy committee?

    Over the last couple of years, shaping the future of community transport is precisely what the CTA’s Policy Committee has sought to do. It has responded to consultations and calls for evidence on all manner of topics relevant to community transport. It has also provided a forum for discussion on various topics relating to the sector and acted as a sounding board for plans and strategies being developed within the CTA.

    As a trustee of the CTA, I chair the Policy Committee, and am joined by two fellow trustees, along with representatives of CTA members and other organisations. Currently, we have two vacancies on the Committee for which I invite you to consider applying:

    • One for a representative of a CTA member in England; 
    • One for a representative of a CTA member in Northern Ireland

    The purpose of the Policy Committee is to support the CTA Trustee Board and its executive team to:

    • Consider longer term trends and developments in policy.
    • Contribute new thinking on public policy issues relevant to community transport.
    • Provide insight, feedback, and advice, on CTA’s policy work.

    In 2021, as well as responding to consultations and ensuring that we promote the existence of CTA and the importance of the sector widely, we intend to consider in depth a number of policy areas, including the role of community transport within the wider transport world and the implications of climate change for community transport and the people it serves.

    We are looking to appoint people who can:

    • Be effective champions for CTA’s vision, mission and values.
    • Bring new ideas to support the policy work of the CTA.
    • Reflect the range of locations and contexts in which our members work, as well as the diversity of our communities.
    • Provide feedback and insights for CTA’s inputs to proposed legislation and responses to public consultations.

    It is anticipated that most activities of the Committee will continue to be via on-line meetings and email contact. The Committee meets between 4 and 6 times per year for about an hour and a half, with follow-up emails to deal with actions and inputs to consultation responses.

    Community transport, in its many forms, has the potential to answer some of the big questions about how we can live, work, and learn, in a society which places a premium on mobility.  Every day, people up and down the country, just like you, are working to ensure people in their communities can get around. Through our policy work we want to help create an environment that encourages and enables community transport and the communities it supports to flourish.

    To apply to serve on the Policy Committee, please click here to download the application form. The form should be returned to our Director of Policy and Nations, Tim Cairns via email at tim@ctauk.org with an equal opportunities form, also downloadable at the link above, and a current CV or personal statement by Friday 29 January 2021. If you have any questions, please contact Tim in the first instance.

    I hope to hear from some of you and look forward to seeing the Committee up to full strength again in 2021.

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