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    Community transport works across the Christmas period, even on Christmas day, to provide those who would otherwise be alone with access to family, friendship, company and independence over the holidays and we’re collecting stories of the incredible work that our members do.

    Take a look at our main Community Transport Christmas page for all our stories so far. 

    Little Green Bus, Clitheroe, Lancashire 

    The snow had started to fall very heavily just before Christmas and it continued for a good three weeks.  We contacted all of our passengers that we knew had no family members, at all in some cases, or close by in others, to firstly check that they were ok and secondly to enquire whether they were ok for food and other essential supplies.

    We found that about a dozen of our passengers were unable to get out of their houses for safety reasons and I contacted our local supermarkets: Booths on week one, Tesco on week two and Sainsbury’s on week three and asked them whether they would be able to contribute 12 bags of emergency supplies such as tea bags, sugar, milk, butter, bread, eggs, cooked meat, a winter veg pack, a tin of corned beef and toilet rolls.

    All of the supermarkets supported our efforts and gave us bags of produce beyond what we had suggested and our wonderful volunteer drivers worked with us to deliver the packages to our passengers that were in need of them.

    We now purchase a couple of sacks of grit each year and our volunteers are quite happy to grit the paths or drives of our passengers if it helps them to get out of the house safely.

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