• Minibus Options Commissioned to Provide 200 Minibuses to CT Operators

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    • Minibus Options Commissioned to Provide 200 Minibuses to CT Operators
    • by Fred James
      Sales Director, Minibus Options

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    Back in November 2014, the Department for Transport announced a £25 million fund to provide specialist minibuses for community groups up and down the UK. Minibus Options are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded the contract to supply these minibuses.

    Based in Whaley Bridge and employing around 30 people, Minibus Options is a small family business who, since 1986, have been providing custom built minibuses to charities, care homes, local authorities, schools, and of course community transport operators. Since 2013 we’ve been a corporate supporter of the Community Transport Association where we’ve been able to continue to provide advice and support to CTA members.

    In the 30 years that we’ve been building minibuses for the community transport sector, we’ve seen first-hand the incredible work that CTA members do. We’ve seen how our minibuses have been used to help older people remain part of their communities; how they’ve helped those with disabilities get around; and how they’ve provided young people with access to employment and education.

    We’re proud of every single minibus that we send out and we’re proud of how they’re used to help so many people.

    That’s why we’re so excited to be working with the Department for Transport to provide 200 new minibuses: we know that they’re going to be used for amazing things. The minibus fund has already been used to provide community transport operators with brand new minibuses and we’re looking forward to continuing this work over the coming year.

    We can’t wait to work with the organisations for whom we’ll be providing these minibuses and we’re sure that this fund will enable them to strengthen, and in some cases expand, the vital services that they offer to their communities.

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