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    • My Journey with Brent Community Transport
    • by Mr S Ahluwalia
      Passenger at Brent Community Transport

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    If I’m not mistaken, I started using Brent Community Transport (BCT) services in December 2015. I found out about the service through a Dial a Ride Magazine and I rang up for an application form. Within a few days, I received confirmation that I am a member and I started booking trips to the Dominion Centre in Southall on Thursday’s which I still attend.

    In January 2013 my wife passed away and every Friday my son used to pick me up on his way home from Crowley and take me to his home so I could spend the weekend with his family.

    In April 2016 my son was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, due to that he was put on sick leave and could no longer drive his car. This prevented him from picking me up on Friday’s. For a short while my daughter in law who is a Head Teacher at a school in Hayes collected me but this became too much for her and she also could no longer collect me.

    Having discovered BCT, I asked if they could provide me transport every Friday to go see my son and his family in Harefield. Thankfully, they were able to provide me with this trip and it was such a joy for me to be able to get back out again and spend the weekend with family.

    I am 90 years old and disabled, the services provided are lifesaving for me. If I was sat at home, my life would be very different. After losing my wife, there was a period of loneliness with my family not living local to me and having BCT to take me places has been a pleasure.

    Since I joined BCT, my life has become worth living. The drivers always arrive on time and all are very kind and helpful. God bless all the staff who work ever so hard to make sure people like myself are able to be a part of society regardless of age and mobility.

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