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    • Our values: we lead with authority and responsibility
    • by Bill Freeman
      Chief Executive

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    In our latest series of blogs we explore the CTA’s five values that underpin its strategic plan.  In particular looking at how CTA lives out their value in their day to day work.  

     The year changes and the opportunities through which we get to advance our vision and mission are moving all the time, but some things remain constant – our values.

    The second of our five values is that we lead with authority and responsibility.  This means that we represent the community transport sector in a way that illustrates the very best of who we are and what we’re about.  In the media, and though our blogs and publications, we talk about the importance of community transport to your local communities.  It’s important that we demonstrate that the CTA and its members are reliable, principled and passionate partners which helps us to attract new support, funding and opportunities for our sector.

    We need to be clear in our role of leading with authority and responsibility that often we choose not to engage in discussions which we believe bring little benefit to our sector and their service users.

    We prefer to use the goodwill we have built up, our connections and partnerships and our passion for the work of our members, to make sure the right messages are being heard in the right places. Over the last year we’ve invested in improving the quality and frequency of our communications through social media.

    Our latest drive to do this is our #LoveTransport campaign where we’re asking you what it is that makes you love transport? What makes you get up every day and work tirelessly to deliver accessible and inclusive transport in your community? You can tell us via this short one question survey here.

    I hope this has provided some insight into the second of our five values and how it informs our work.  In the next blog I will be talking about how we prioritise mobility and accessibility.

    If you are interested in talking more about CTA’s communications work, policy development or strategic plan you can contact CTA at hello@ctauk.org.

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